About Us

Our Mission

Our mission here at Feenix Tech is simple. We are here to help your business grow to its full potential. 

"Rise Up & Be Seen Today"

About Feenix Tech

Feenix Tech are a digital tech agency based in North Ayrshire, Scotland. Your presence on the web is the first line of public relations in an online world and Feenix Tech not only makes sure your business is known, we also contribute to making sure that you rise up and stand out from the competition.

Our expertise are primarily in web design and we offer bespoke websites for every client, from small business websites to giant e-commerce websites.

We also believe that your business and website must be marketed correctly in order to achieve results. That is why we offer expert marketing services in order to help your business grow.

As well as investing our efforts into a quality assured service, we also ensure that you're most comfortable while we complete your web design or marketing project.

Our Values


Feenix Tech are always measuring performance and we believe that meeting clients expectations is the surest path to excellence. We always pursue the highest standards in all that we do whilst continually learning. We endeavor to make our clients happy and satisfied by always doing what we say and striving to deliver the perfect outcome.


Here at Feenix Tech we believe that constant reinvention is the driving force behind creative problem solving and added value. We are always stretching our boundaries and striving to achieve more. We champion and encourage creativity and forward thinking. We anticipate the needs of our customers and always find better ways to serve them.


Guided by a strong moral code, we act with the best intentions and for the right reasons; making person-centered decisions based on individual assessment. We take responsibility for our actions and we put great care into our work, adhering to strict principles of ethics, loyalty and professional fairness.


We are passionate and dedicated to our mission, our clients, our business and each other. We always do our best with a sense of responsibility and pursuing a higher value through our raw passion to help you grow. We really value the enthusiasm, drive and energy we have in the pursuit of excellent outcomes for all our clients.


Here at Feenix Tech we are very proud to stand behind the quality of work we deliver. We have excellent knowledge and expertise in everything we do, showing passion for each project and always displaying attention to detail. We achieve a high level of quality through discipline for our processes, coupled with a commitment to continous improvement.

Our Qualifications

At Feenix Tech we want our clients to know that we're certified, experienced and hold degrees in relevant subjects. We have mastered the ins and outs of what it takes to execute a simple web page or an advanced technical scope of work. Education is vested in the infrastructure of our business and every project that we initiate.